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Note: I've reposted this because I wanted to add a few more thoughts without writing a seperate journal. There is so much more I want to say but I am totally crap at this type of thing so this will have to do.






Final thoughts... )
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As promised here are a couple more simple walls, one Ianto wall and the other is more of a simple header with just a few fave Janto moments, I am sure you will agree. Hope you like. More soon. 


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During a lovely few days with my friend I got motivated to open up my Photoshop, something I haven't done for at least six months and the last time I only managed to make one piece back then.

I have made a few simple walls - two the same becuase I couldn't decide which filter I couldn't decide which one of Jack I liked best so I posted both so we get a twofer on Jack :)- the only difference is the filter.

The walls are really very basic, no manipping involved but just a way for me to get back in the swing of things. I never like to post too many pics at the same time either do just these for now and I will post more over the next day or so. I hope you like them.

First a little Ianto, followed by Jack.




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