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Note: I've reposted this because I wanted to add a few more thoughts without writing a seperate journal. There is so much more I want to say but I am totally crap at this type of thing so this will have to do.






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This is my review/rant – although short and probably not too coherent because I’m stilling a state of denial and shock.



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Torchsong 2009


The Con of Doom




The Gareth David-Lloyd Show (dubbed by Gareth himself) - My personal favourite.


Garethsong (again dubbed by Gareth)


John Barrowman Lovefest


So what can I say that hasn’t really already been said in the way people felt when we heard the news about John? Well I’m gonna say it anyway. I was devastated so much that I couldn’t even cry. Having flown all the way from Australia to meet John you can imagine how I felt.  I was in total disbelief, then I went numb and then I got a little angry before I resigned myself to the fact that there was nothing I could do. But I’m not going to dwell on the negatives but try to concentrate on the fun and good times I had. My sister, who came along with me, took it all very well but then she had her own agenda. Anyway what’s done is done and I am now home after three long weeks away and ready to write down the memories I can actually remember. Oh and my camera crapped out so I didn’t get all the pictures I’d hoped to. I managed to get a few before it went kaput and was also lucky enough to have wonderful friends who shared their memories with me too. Thanks ladies. To try and keep it clear in my own frazzled brain I am writing it down in days. The report itself turned out to be about ten pages long (eek), a little long but it could have actually been longer. Read it all, skip to the end to see my overall highlights or totally scrap the lot, it’s up to you. Enjoy!



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I made these pics about a week ago with the others I've been posting but didn't want to post them all at once. But I'm in a celebratory mood at the moment because I just bought Torchsong tickets. Woohoo!

The first is a simple Jack and Ianto wall and the second is a manip I reckon isn't too bad. Both worksafe, although the second one has some bare flesh and water. :) Enjoy!

I wanted to give them titles even if they are simple. Sometimes words change the image completely. The first is titled Meant to be...

and the second is simply called Endless... anyone want to fic a pic? It has so many possibilities.


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