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Greetings All

Below is artwork done for the fantastic[ profile] longliveiantoBig Bang Challenge - The Call of the Last by [ profile] milady_dragon. Go read it - it's awesome!

First up is the cover art for the fic followed by some art used throughout the fic. Hope you like them.

Call of the Last artwork )
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Here are the individual 'yearbook' entires.





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Art made for Torchwood Big Bang to accompany the fic War Games by[info]nancybrown


Team Torchwood

  Gotta be ready...


Individual 'yearbook' pictures can be found in next entry.


Hope you liked them, don't forget to leave a comment if you liked them, or even if you didn't.

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I made these pics about a week ago with the others I've been posting but didn't want to post them all at once. But I'm in a celebratory mood at the moment because I just bought Torchsong tickets. Woohoo!

The first is a simple Jack and Ianto wall and the second is a manip I reckon isn't too bad. Both worksafe, although the second one has some bare flesh and water. :) Enjoy!

I wanted to give them titles even if they are simple. Sometimes words change the image completely. The first is titled Meant to be...

and the second is simply called Endless... anyone want to fic a pic? It has so many possibilities.

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As promised here are a couple more simple walls, one Ianto wall and the other is more of a simple header with just a few fave Janto moments, I am sure you will agree. Hope you like. More soon. 


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During a lovely few days with my friend I got motivated to open up my Photoshop, something I haven't done for at least six months and the last time I only managed to make one piece back then.

I have made a few simple walls - two the same becuase I couldn't decide which filter I couldn't decide which one of Jack I liked best so I posted both so we get a twofer on Jack :)- the only difference is the filter.

The walls are really very basic, no manipping involved but just a way for me to get back in the swing of things. I never like to post too many pics at the same time either do just these for now and I will post more over the next day or so. I hope you like them.

First a little Ianto, followed by Jack.


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So.... this manip was partially inspired by a prompt from [profile] captains_gal who wanted help with a particular source pic. Unfortunately at this moment I don't have many screen caps to work with so I am limited with what I can do. 

However, all was not lost. I had a source pic that I thought was perfect and managed to scrounge up a couple of adequate caps. This is the result below, well results. I like to try and get creative by way of walls, sometimes they work out. The only real difference is a few extra words and an added banner. I'll let you be the judge. 





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